A downloadable game

This was my team's submission for Hull University's game jam, Three Thing Game where we have 24 hours to make a game and are given three words to use as the subject of the game. Our words were Miner, Ethereal and Caution. The controls are relatively simplistic; A and D move and Space jumps. There is also a ghost mode activated by pressing E, this is temporary but makes you invulnerable from damage and allows you to jump infinitely, but also prevents you from picking up any collectables.

As a result of the short development time expect to see bugs. This project will be polished when time permits.

Made by myself - Programming, Designed Level 1 and 5.

Callum Milner - Art and Programming, Designed level 2 and 4.

James Nelson - Programming, Designed level 3.


Mine of Aether.zip 11 MB